Get Windows Phone UI on your Android phone

by HEMANTH KUMAR on June 11, 2013

Windows Phone UI for Android

Got bored of your Android phone’s UI tweaks by the skins of OEM’s like Samsung’s TouchWiz? You have got may Launchers in Google Play Store to change the look of your phone. If you are in love with Windows Phone 8 modern and beautiful UI, you can get the look and feel of Windows Phone 8 on your Android phone. here is how.

Install any of the following apps from Google play store and you are ready to feel different. There are many users are enjoying the modern UI on their phones.

Windows Phone UI Launchers for Android

Launcher 8:  This app lets you make the home screen look same as Windows Phone 8 with different tile sizes, colors and with notifications on tiles too. With WP8 lock screen and status bar, you feel more like you are owning WP8 phone.

Launcher 8 (Timo Kujala) : Apart from bringing the look and notifications this app also brings the beautiful fly animation to your phone.

Fake Windows Phone 8 : This is another nice app that brings all the cool features. You can bind what ever apps you want the live tile to launch.

Launcher 7 : This launcher brings the look of Windows Phone 7.x. You wont get the smaller size tile and full screen cover up as in Windows Phone 8.

Metro UI Lite : This is another Windows Phone 7 launcher.

There are many other apps available in Play Store, even you can get the Windows 8 UI look on your Android Phone. Try those apps and customize your Android home screen to be beautiful and colorful.


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