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Cat S60: First Smartphone with Integrated Thermal Camera

We have seen thermal imaging cameras in Sci-Fi & Military based movies, Thermal Camera forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light. Cat S60 is an Android smartphone which has integrated thermal camera. This is the first time we are seeing a thermal camera in a phone.

Freedom 251: Worlds cheapest Android Smartphone for just $3.65 (Rs. 251)

A company called Ringing Bells from India has introduced the world’s Cheapest Android Smartphone called Freedom 251 for just USD 3.65  which is just Rs 251. The cheapest price is not alone the surprise here, the specification of Freedom 251 is more surprising.

Android stepped into wearable’s

Android Wear is a OS for Android powered Wearable gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Announced: 5.7-inch display and 13MP camera

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3, the improved phablet, available from October 2013.