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Apple Development Center is Coming to Hyderabad, India

Apple Development Center is where our beloved iOS, MacOS and other software’s are developed. Apple is setting up its first technology development center out side USA in Hyderabad, India. With an investment of $25 million (Rs 170 crores approx), Apple likely host 4500 employees in 250,000 square feet office space at WaveRock IT SEZ.

Freedom 251: Worlds cheapest Android Smartphone for just $3.65 (Rs. 251)

A company called Ringing Bells from India has introduced the world’s Cheapest Android Smartphone called Freedom 251 for just USD 3.65 ¬†which is just Rs 251. The cheapest price is not alone the surprise here, the specification of Freedom 251 is more surprising.

Nokia’s HERE Drive+, HERE Maps and HERE Transit updates rolled out in India, Removed Beta tag

Nokia’s HERE Drive+, HERE Maps and HERE Trasit updated and brings new features.