The Beautiful Facebook Friendships Visualizations

by HEMANTH KUMAR on December 15, 2010


The above beautiful image shows, 500 million people’s friendship’s visualizations globally. This beautiful visualization is created by Facebook intern Paul Butler that shows which cities had a lot of friendships between them globally.

Using data of ten million pairs of friends from the Facebook data warehouse,by combining data with each user’s current city and summed the number of friends between each pair of cities and then by merging the data with the longitude and latitude of each city, Paul created this visualization.

This visualization is created using R, an open source statics environment. Paul said “When I shared the image with others within Facebook, it resonated with many people. It’s not just a pretty picture, it’s a reaffirmation of the impact we have in connecting people, even across oceans and borders.”

See the visualization in high resolution and Read more at Facebook.

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