Angry Birds are coming to Facebook

by HEMANTH KUMAR on March 7, 2011


The Popular smartphone game Angry Birds is soon hitting the Facebook. Started as an iPhone app, soon debuted in Android, and planned to hit gaming consoles, available new game versions, working on 3D game, getting ready for Windows Phone 7, very quick, Rivio knows the pulse of people, there will be new and interesting ready for you. That’s the success key of Angry Birds.

Rivio decided to get more users for Angry Birds, They are looking for a massive expansion. The options for them are after mobile platforms, social networks, PCs, Mac’s. The work is going on to make it available in all possible ways. In the progress the with in a month Angry Birds will be available on the largest social networking site, Facebook.

According to Rivio, “ Angry Birds on Facebook will be completely new aspects to it that just haven’t been experienced in any other platform and the pigs will have a more prominent role.”

We already know how popular Farmville on Facebook and how Zynga developed as a big gaming company. I wondered why Rivio is not stepping forward for Facebook, may be their business strategy. When they launched on iPhone, it’s a paid app. After getting popular and gain money, now Angry Birds are free to download on your mobile gadgets. Its available on iPhone, Android Phones, Nokia Phones. They are making good money with ads, no need to still make money by selling the app. To increase the money through ads, it needs to expand. because not all people own iPhone or Android smart phones. If people are having normal phones, they love to play Angry Birds, but they cannot.

Its sure once the game is available on Facebook, Rivio hits a huge money through ads, just as Zynga. Farmville is a big hit because its free. All the best Rivio, will be waiting for my Angry Birds on Facebook.

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