Anybody can learn Coding

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 9, 2013

anybody-can-codeImagine if you can tell your computer to show some color, print some text or do some animation, or more complex things like you have seen in movies like Iron Man’s JARVIS, personal assistant, beautiful isn’t it? This is a world of Internet, billions of opportunities. You can create wonders like Bill Gates created Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook etc. All these things are possible with programming, You can create a small smartphone application to a large company that can give employment opportunity for thousands.

it-opportunitiesCoding resembles your creativity and imagination. Are you fond of learning programming and code to tell computer to do something? You doesn’t need to be a Computer Science graduate, Anybody can learn do Coding, all you need is a computer, and if you have internet connection, then you can learn on your own. Just go to

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