Tomorrow is just another day, you’ll never forget – Apple

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 15, 2010


Apple placed a teaser on its home page, saying “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” and asked to check back for an exciting announcement from iTunes. Well we don’t know what the surprise coming from iTunes, But the top tech blogs are expecting…


All streaming subscription service based out of that North Carolina data center? More video content in the store? Apps for the Apple TV with the iOS 4.2 update? The Beatles?


Will Apple Kill the MP3 Tomorrow?


Could iTunes finally be releasing a music subscription service to rival pre-existing options like MOG and Spotify? Is a web-based version of iTunes on the way? Or is something else entirely on the horizon?

AllThings Digital

“We believe Apple could announce a cloud-based iTunes service for content streaming to connected devices”.


  • TV rental model additions to iTunes.
  • Cloud storage of music and video to be added to any device.
  • The game plan for that North Carolina data center will be revealed.
  • iTunes bundling deals with TV makers.
  • Streaming music—after all, the Apple announcement will be “streamed.”
  • Something global in scale. Note the time zones highlighted.

Cnet news

Apple will announce a cloud-based music management system–perhaps related to new data centers it’s building in North Carolina–but others suspect that Apple will announce a subscription-based streaming service.

Most of them are saying about cloud-based service to iTunes, If this is going to happen, we no need to look for 8GB, 16GB or 32 GB etc Apple iPod’s, We can play songs from cloud. Lets see what Apple is going to announce.

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