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by HEMANTH KUMAR on May 5, 2011


Microsoft’s Windows live writer, an offline blog editor is the best desktop blog-publishing application. Its a part of Windows live essentials. Windows live writer makes easy to publish stunning and professional looking articles to your blog from your desktop. Windows live writer features WYSIWYG editor that helps you to create beautiful blog posts that includes photo galleries, videos ,maps, smiles and many more. You can see how the blog post look like before publishing to the blog. Windows live writer is compatible with many of your favorite blogging platforms. Writer lets you publish to almost any blog service, including WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Community Server, and many more. With the wide range of plugins you can bring more additional functionality to Windows live writer.

As its a part of Windows live essentials you cannot install writer alone. Download Windows live essentials  online installer to install. it will take a while to install the selected applications in Windows live essentials. once the installation is done, You have to configure your blog in the writer.

Steps to configure your blog on Windows live Writer:

1. Open Windows live writer, It will ask you to select your blog service to select as showing in the image below. Select your blog service and click next.

Note: If your blog is a self hosted WordPress or other self hosted blog, then select Other services from the list.


2. Now give the blog Web address (URL), user name and password as given in the image and click next to configure your blog in Windows live writer.


It will take some time to detect blog settings, and download categories, blog theme and other stuff from your blog.

3. Give a nick name  for the blog to recognize and click finish. 


Now your blog account is configured in Windows live writer. You can start writing your blog post in live writer.


You can configure multiple blogs in the writer and easily switch between the blogs to publish articles. Lets see the features.

Windows live writer features


The above image shows Home ribbon of live writer. Here the clipboard gives cut, copy, paste options. With Publish button you can publish to blog or with Post draft to blog button to keep the drop in your blog. Here Technified you are seeing is my blog name, if you have multiple blog accounts configured in writer, you can easily switch between blog accounts by clicking here. You can select font style, paragraph style from the options. And there Hyperlink to insert url link for selected words, Insert Picture and video at desired place. You can insert Pictures and Videos from your computer, from web or from any video service. If you have more pictures to insert you can create online album right in writer. next in editing you can check the spell, count words and other things.


Next in the Insert ribbon, Horizontal line to insert horizontal line, Clear break to start a fresh paragraph and Split post will gives you read more option. Just keep cursor from where you want to show read more and click Split post. using Table  you can insert table with desired rows and columns with some style. Apart from Home ribbon here you can insert maps from Google maps are Bing maps using maps option. And you can insert Post tags, Emoticons. Add plug-in option enable you to add additional plug-ins to bring more functionalities to Windows live writer like post to twitter right from the writer about your post while publishing and etc. You can find plug-ins over here.


In Blog Account ribbon you can configure blog options. here you can update your blog account, configure where to publish your pictures in blog service or in different FTP site. For example my blog is at and pictures will be published to You can plugins and other things. if you changed any thing in your theme you can update using the update theme option.


In the above image in the red box marked area you can select blog post categories from existed categories or add new categories and add tags, and set publishing date to schedule publishing the blog post. The blog will be will be published to your blog on the web but don’t show until the scheduled date and time. if you want to publish right now just leave this filed blank. To enter more click on View all.


Here you can decide whether Comments on this post to be Open or Close, Pings allow or deny, select author if you have multiple authors, add Slug which will come in the URL of the post, give password if you want password protect your post, a little blog post Excerpt and trackback URLs.


In manage blog account options you can do lot more things. You can set writer preferences, editing options, manage multiple blog accounts, blog this, spell checking, Automatic Linking that helps you to add certain URLs that will automatically linked in your post, manage plug-ins, web proxy and Ping servers one of the very good option that enable you to add ping servers as shown in the image above will ping the added servers while you are publishing the post.

As Windows live writer download your blog theme to local system, you can feel how the post or article will look in the blog while writing it self. So that you can modify or style the post how you want to show it in the blog. you can preview right in the writer, see and change the source code if you want. After writing and completing the post you can publish direct or schedule publish or post a draft to blog in one click. What ever style and look you are seeing in the writer in your post same will be seen in the post in the blog.

The other beautiful feature is you can carry your under draft or completed or even published post as a file and use across the systems. Windows live writer saves every post as a Windows live writer post in My Weblog Posts in My Documents. If you have Windows live writer installed in another system you can open these files to see the post. It includes images, videos and what ever you have in the post from original system.

These features are enough to convince you that the Windows live writer is best tool for blogging. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can download Windows live writer 2011 along with Windows live essentials 2011 or If you are on Windows XP you can download it here. For Apple Mac users there are some tweaks to run Windows live writer.

Use Windows live writer to write posts and enjoy Blogging.

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