Bing brings HTML5 video homepage

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 23, 2011


Microsoft bets HTML5 as the future of the web. There is no flash support on Internet Explorer 10 Metro on Windows 8 Developer Preview. Adobe announced they will bring flash to Metro IE through Adobe Air. What ever it is, the HTML5 is awesome, you no need to install any browser plugins to run videos, you just need a HTML5 enabled browser. Yes, all latest versions of modern browsers support HTML5.

To bring you the beauty of HTML5, Microsoft’s Bing today enabled first ever video home page. if you open Bing on any HTML5 enabled browser you can see the beautiful animated background, its actually not an animated wall paper its a video. If you don’t have a modern browser you will see the beautiful background photographs. The video will be played in loop, You can pause the video by the play/pause button beside the navigation arrows at bottom right.  This video homepage is only available for US. If you are outside USA, Just change the country of preference to USA in browser settings. This feature is coming to rest of the world in few weeks.

Check the video after the break to know how Bing team chooses content foe the homepage.

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