Things you can do with Bing Search Engine

by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 4, 2011


After Google Search, successful search engine is Microsoft’s Bing Search. Compete said Bing’s U.S. market share rose to 29% in November 2010. Bing search has a lot of great features and deserved to be number two. With some tips and tricks you can do more and get more with Bing.

Bing’s top features are auto-suggest for search quires, Related searches gives you more information about your quires, Search History to keep what you searched recently, More on this page gives a quick info about the page, with infinite scroll you can go through the unlimited results in the same page, and the best feature is smart video preview gives a 30 seconds preview clip when hovering on the result.

With all the above great features and with these following tips and tricks boost your Bing experience.

Bing Social: Bing Social search is a awesome, it will show the results from social web like twitter and facebook in real time. Even Bing suggest the twitter users to follow related to your search.

Bing Visual Search: Visual Search feature lets you search visually around the Bing visual galleries, Its similar to Google Squared but better. Visual Search gives more than search, for example check this top twitter users on visual search.

Bing Image Search: You can restrict images based color, size, style and layout and choose to search photos or paintings. This feature lets you limit results to only faces or full body if you are searching for a person. Color based search is similar to search images on Flickr by color.

Track Flights: Bing search gives flight status on the search results. Enter flight number and search it gives you the status of that flight or simply type flight status and hit search. Then enter Airline and Flight number to get status.

Track your Parcels: In Bing you can track DHL, UPS and other parcels by entering tracking number. For example enter DHL followed by tracking number.

Bing 3D maps: Download Bing 3D map tool for internet explorer to explore the destinations in full 3D.

Search by File type: Filter your search by file type, like .doc, .pdf, .xls or .mp3. Just type your search term followed by filtype:mp3. For example michael hold my hand filetype.mp3.

Instant Answers: The Instant Answers feature gives your answer within your search results without having to click on results and cut down your search time.

OR and NOT: Using these two tiny words can change your search results drastically. For instance you can search for two things at once using OR or exclude results you don’t want using NOT. Just remember to capitalize them if you want them to work.

Turn Off background image: If you are on a slow internet connection or if you don’t want that background image on Bing you can Turn Off image by going here

Currency and Unit Converter: To convert amounts from one currency to another currency you can use Bing. For example to convert 100 USD in to EUR  just type 100 USD to EUR in Bing search and hit enter, you will get the result. And you can convert units like km into miles.

Calculator: Bing also does mathematical calculations as well. you can do additions, multiplications etc.

Play Games: Bing games are free to play online.

Explore Bing to know more features to make your Bing search more useful.

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