Will BlackBerry 10 save the sinking RIM?

by HEMANTH KUMAR on May 2, 2012


At BlackBerry World 2012, Research In Motion, showed the bits and bytes of  its upcoming OS BlackBerry 10 in Orlando, Florida. RIM focused all its efforts on BlackBerry 10 to get it right as its RIMs future is completely based on the success of BlackBerry 10, a QNX based OS, which can be seen on BlackBerry Playbook.

In the conference RIM showcased the features of BlackBerry 10 and announced BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device for developers. Concentrating mainly on touch phones, the new OS is featured with redesigned the touch keyboard with gesture support, timeline lens for camera, multi tasking etc. RIM guarantees developers will make $10,000 in first year on their certified BlackBerry 10 apps . Will all these efforts get back the RIM on track?

blackberry-10RIM want BlackBerry 10 to be meaningfully different. The OS is in development from long time back, and the company is still taking time to get the right hardware and software. Launching of the BlackBerry 10 is still not confirmed, the more the launch is delayed, more share is going to loss. RIM lost almost half of its market share to Apple and Android last year. The major world wide outage last year caused more loss.

RIM is confident and on schedule with the launch date, said CEO. The new OS got positive reviews, and some analysts are optimistic about the new OS. But it will be based on the delivery as it showed in demo without any delays.

RIM unveiled BlackBerry 10 dev alpha unit for developers to see that the new OS is going to offer and check about the hardware. Developers can develop and test their apps in these devices. RIM handed the devices to the attendees. BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device is having 4.2inch touch screen, 1280 x 768 resolution, 16GB internal storage, 1GB of RAM and its fully touch device. RIM demoed the new OS on this Dev device only and Confirmed devices with keyboard are on the way.

The new virtual keyboard is impressive in BlackBerry 10, the keyboard learns the users typing behaviour to make more accurate typing along with the words. Word predictions are showed in between the keyboard rows and the word can be inserted to message by swiping up as shown in the video below.

New camera app in BlackBerry 10 has the timeline lens feature. This allows users to recaptures the moments that are missed in the photo taken. The camera app caches the frames before hitting the shutter, so the user can roll back to images taken seconds back to the actual photo.


The new app switching and multitasking, background running of the apps are noted features in the OS.


If RIM delivered what it has showed and promised in BlackBerry 10 final release, it may have the chance of survive. But The OS is still in Alpha, Beta stage only. Apart from Apple and Android, RIM should not forget about Microsoft. MS is all setting up for launch of their big bet Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in the end od this year. Windows phone is gaining the market share slowly, once full featured Windows Phone 8 is released, then BlackBerry have tuff time.

From BlackBerry World 2012:

All the best RIM and BlackBerry boys. RIM CEO said “BlackBerry is not for every one.”

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