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by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 12, 2011


Recently I wrote a guest article “Why should you have personal profile” at Hellboundbloggers, The theme of the article is that brings your fragmented online identity to one place, the single profile page that points to your entire web content. After reading my guest article most of the readers want to create profile just as you. This article explains you how to create and customize your personal profile page.

Go to and enter your email id, password and desired URL and hit Create Your profile. In the 2nd step of the registration give your Name and your Biography then click Next. Its time to edit your profile, After clicking on Next, you will directly go to profile edit page.If you are not Click on Profile tab and then Click on Edit.

The best thing of is you can make your own image as the background of the entire page, its your page, upload your image with recommended size 1024×768 pixels, if you don’t want to display your image you can choose the custom backgrounds from and always select display as center image than tile image.


Now add your avatar and headline to your biography. You can change your Biography information here.


Customize your background and text colors, choose what ever color you want. you can choose Different colors for your name, headline, biography, links etc.


As you select different colors for different texts, you can choose different fonts and font size for different texts to customize your profiles topography.


The main advantage of profile page comes now. Services option allows you to add links to your online identity like Facebook profile, Twitter, your own blog, Linkedin profile and many more.


Once you are at Services tab, click on add a service, a pop up will open to select a service as shown in the image below.


Select a service like twitter, facebook or other available service which you are using and willing to show on page. if you want add your own web site or blog or RSS of your blog, you can choose Add a URL or RSS. You have two options, either you can share your recent activity or just a link to your services. Decide and add all your services. You can drag the entire text to position any where on your page. Position it to look good with the background image. Are you looking to do more? Not required its done. Your personal profile page is ready to share.


Once you share your profile URL with your fiends, readers you can track the statistics of your profile on dashboard. If you have any doubts or suggestions you can post at User Voice Forum.

Check out my profile here.

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