Best Free Mobile Data Usage Monitoring Apps for Android

by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 2, 2013

android-apps-mobile-data-monitorOn this 24/7 online connected world we use Internet connection on our mobile phone also. But as like broadband connection many of us don’t have unlimited mobile data packages. Still to this date mobile data is a premium service. As many of us use limited speed and limited mobile data packages for our mobile internet connection, its is important for us to monitor how much data we used so far to plan the remaining data usage with in the limits, otherwise the mobile operator bills overage fees if we exceed the fixed data bandwidth. We no need to worry, If you are an Android Smartphone or Tablet user, these are the some best apps available for monitoring your mobile data usage to save money and data as well for further use.

Mobile Data Usage Monitoring Apps for Android mobiles

Onavo Count


Onavo Count is one of the best rated mobile data monitoring app for Android. You can easily set-up this app and this app has great widgets that lets you know data usage by any app on your phone, live data usage and the data used from the begin of the current cycle. You can restrict some apps to use only Wi-Fi so that you can save data which you don’t know how its used. Also you can restrict data limitation for particular app while on mobile data usage. Using the alarms you get notified if the data usage is crossed by the limit you set. Automatic blocking tools help you from over usage mobile bills.

Download Onavo Count from Google Play.

My Data Manager


My Data Manager is one of the widely used convenient mobile data monitoring app. It is simple to setup and simple to use. Usage alarms are useful to warn you to check the data used and avoid overage mobile bills. Plan your data usage and see reports on how you are using data and avoid wastage.

Download My Data Manager from Google Play.

3G Watchdog

3g-watch-dog-android-app3G Watchdog will guard you against over data usage and save your money. The data counter in the app monitors your mobile data usage and gives alerts. You can see the detailed report on how you used your data.

Download 3G Watchdog from Google Play.

Traffic Monitor


This app monitor your data usage, tests the speed of your mobile internet connection and also featured with task manager kill or organise your apps that are using more data. This app is ad free.

Download Traffic Monitor from Google Play.

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