Must Have Features of an Enterprise iPad Application

by HEMANTH KUMAR on December 27, 2010


Now a days using iPads or other tablets while travelling, or for flexible use is increasing day by day. Apple’s iPad is quite popular these days, and now a days Samsung Galaxy tab is giving a good competition to iPad. iPad is runs by iOS mobile operating system and powered by various applications for various purposes. For personal use there are lot of applications you can find. Enterprise users also catching up this modern trend and want to be more flexible. Any one can develop an app for iPad, If you are developing an iPad app for an enterprise, you should take care more than of developing an app for personal use.

According to Ivan Thain, Senior Technical Evangelist at Sybase, these features should have an Enterprise iPad application.

Develop iPad app using the Security API: Data security is very important in enterprises. Encrypt users application data on the device. You can use Afaria, a mobile device management and security product from Sybase, which uses Apple’s MDM.

Support for Mobile Working (Off-line and On-line modes): App should work properly at any zone, The connectivity may not be available at all the places, The device may disconnect and connect while on the go. If the device is disconnected, users may lost the data and once connected they have to start from the beginning. To avoid these problems you have to build the app to work both Off-line and On-line modes.

Integrate with legacy back office system: The app you are creating should not be completely new one, It should be the extension of the existing enterprise system into the mobile world. Make sure your app will provide secure bi-directional synchronization of data between mobile device and back office system.

Use core iOS features: Utilize the features of iOS in your app, you can extend the core features suitable to your app. Airprint is a good example.

Projection via iPad VGA cable: The entire application should be able to project through iPad VGA cable. Its very useful for the presentations.

Not an iPhone app: You can use iPhone app on iPad, bot powered by iOS only. But the difference between iPad and iPhone is iPad has a greater display area. It means more data display, different ways of interaction. So, Build your app specifically for iPad.

Support Orientation Changes: Your app should support both landscape and portrait displays. Let users to use your application in any orientation.

Properly use iPad interface: iPad interface features like Gestures such as pinch to zoom and swipe to move screen. This makes users navigation more intuitive.

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