Choose Strong and Different Passwords for Different Web Accounts Easily

by HEMANTH KUMAR on October 20, 2010

davinci-cryptex Surveys revealed that most users use one password for all their web accounts. Most peoples passwords are very weak and easy to guess. This is because, its difficult for us to remember strong passwords and also different passwords for different websites. But you should not use one password for all web accounts, Its not secured. So, how can you easily create strong, secure and different and easy to remember passwords?  Here is an easy way for that.

This simple and great idea is from the security team at Mozilla. Lets start creating your passwords. Choose a familiar phrase that you can easily remember and abbreviate it. For example “Its easy to remember the secret”. In the phrase change numbers and words sound like numbers to numerals “Its easy 2 remember the secret”. Now use first letter of every word. Now the phrase will become “Ie2rts”. Then add some special characters to make your password strong as suffix and prefix – “#Ie2rts@”.


Use this #Ie2rts@ as your base password to create different passwords for different passwords. Add some characters from web site to the base password to create password for that web site. So the passwords will become #Ie2rts@FbK for Facebook, #Ie2rts@AmZ for Amazon, #Ie2rts@TwI for Twitter and so on. use some capital letters in your password to make it more secure.

The following animated video from Mozilla explain you more, If you really want.

Image by JohnRiv

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