Facebook Giving You More Control

by HEMANTH KUMAR on October 8, 2010

facebook-features Facebook rolled out new features that gives you more control over your account. The new features rolled out are A Private Space (Groups), Easy Download (Download your information), Better Visibility (New Dashboard for applications you use). What you need to know about these new features and How they are helpful to you?

Facebook Groups:


Every day you share lot of information, photos and videos with your friends on facebook. What ever you are sharing, may not for all your friends on facebook, For some people it may be very useful, For others its noise. But luckily you have option to share only with some people using Facebook Lists, May be facebook users didn’t like Lists much. To make private sharing easy, Facebook brings a better solution called Facebook Groups.  This feature even gives you the amazing group chat.

Download Your Information:

This feature lets you download your information from facebook. Your information? Yes, easy download lets you quickly download to your computer everything you have ever posted on facebook that includes your messages, Wall posts, photos, status updates and profile information. This feature is not yet rolled out to all facebiook users as of now.

New Dashboard for Applications You Use:

To give you better experience on how other sites are using your information, Facebook rolled out New Dashboard for Applications You Use. Here you can have a single view of all the applications you are using and what data they are using. You can change the settings for applications here.

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