Facebook Email Invitation is Sold for US $710 in a Bid

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 18, 2010


Facebook launched its Modern Messaging System (aka Facebook email). We seen how feature rich it is. As mark Zuckerberg said, this will rolled out to users through invitations and it will take couple of months to reach all the users. Few users got invitations and using the new messaging system. But some of the Facebook lovers can’t wait to get an invitation. As the invited users can invite others, these Facebook lovers are chasing them for an invitation, And others who didn’t got inviters, they are looking for alternatives, they are buying.

AllFacebook guys placed a bid on eBay for Facebook invitation. This bid got quite good response, 47 bidders participated. You will go mad how crazy this guys are, If you know the winning bid price, It’s US $710. AllFacebook, said they are going to give this 100% of bid amount to charity, that’s a good idea.

Are you ready to pay for a Facebook Email Invitation, Here on eBay another bid is going on, its currently US $152, quote more than this and get an invitation.


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