Firefox 4 crossed 5 million downloads in 24 hours

by HEMANTH KUMAR on March 23, 2011


The all new Firefox 4 web browser is now available for download and in just 24 hours crossed over 5 million downloads and counting 7.5 million now. But compared to Firefox 3’s record 8 million download in 24 hours, Firefox 4 downloads are less, even though its success.

firefox-4-acid-3-testMozilla came back to competition with IE and Google Chrome with Firefox 4. In acid Firefox 4 scored 97/100 while Chrome 10 scored 100/100 and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer scored 95/100. Apart from these scores all these three browsers have unique features. Lets which browser stands in this browser wars. I love to use all of them.

Go here and download Firefox 4 and support Mozilla.

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