Microsoft starts the next Windows buzz by giving Surface RT tablet, Windows Phone 8 and PCs to its Employees

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 14, 2012

Surface RT Gift

[I am also sad like you, for not being a MS employee]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said many times Windows 8 is the most riskiest bet ever made by the company. Microsoft changed the way of computing and directed the computer world when introduced Windows long back. Starting from October 26th, Microsoft is going to do that again, but this time more beautifully. The next generation computers are coming as tablets, hybrids, laptops and desktop’s by utilizing the modern technology. You will enjoy the touch of it.

Why Microsoft is spending huge money to gift all of its 90,000 employees?

Microsoft has to face a big problem with this strategic shift, their user base is huge, world’s largest user base. Its very difficult to change the way of doing for the billion people by single company. Microsoft found its ways and started the next Windows buzz to spread around the world by its own employees. Microsoft is gifting each of its full-time employee with Surface RT tablet, Windows Phone 8 smart phone and PCs. Yes, all 90,000 employees are getting these awesome gadgets. This costs lot of money for the company, But Why Microsoft is doing this?

Windows Phone 8 Gift

Microsoft is expecting attention of the people towards its new operating system Windows 8 for tablets, PCs and Windows Phone 8. Think, who will spread and give great demos of this products to their friends, family and relatives other than their own employees? Yes. Microsoft exactly want that promotion. And additionally, Microsoft can learn how enterprise is using these new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 by their own employees and can improve. All the best Microsoft, go ahead, its your time.


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