Seven Google Chrome Extensions to Capture a Web Page

by HEMANTH KUMAR on December 25, 2010

google-chrome-logoWith these Google Chrome Extensions you can easily capture web page or a region of a web page and you don’t need to install any special software’s on your system, Just one of these Chrome Extensions. After taking the screen shot you can directly edit right in the browser, you can draw rectangles, circles, arrows and add text to the screen shot in browser itself. And you can directly upload to some image hosting websites too.

Just go through the list and pick which is right for you.

Screen Capture (by Google): A easy to use extension created by Google to capture visible content of a tab or a web page or whole page as a PNG image. It will allow to edit the captured screen. This extension is super fast. It will work on Windows, Linux and Mac. You can capture bigger region than the visible part of the page. And it supports copying captured image to clipboard to Windows and Linux.

Awesome Screenshot: It will allow you to captures selected area or entire page in PNG format, supports shortcuts too. In one click you can upload screen shot to and get a shareable link. You can not take the screen shot of flash, apart from this this extension really good one.

Aviary Screen Capture: It will allow you to directly edit the screen shot in the browser using applications. The developer of this extension is claiming that It’s a perfect companion tool for bloggers and designers. You can capture entire web page, save to desktop, crop your capture, resize, rotate and can grab the colors info from the page.

Pixlr Grabber: Using it you can capture of visible part, selected area or whole page then you can edit them in pixlr editor or share them to public on Pixlr editor is a very good web app and you can try it on

Explain and Send Screenshots: This is another extension to take a full or partial snapshot any website. And edit the snapshot and annotate it with circles, arrows, placing text on the image etc. It works like Snagit.

Webpage Screenshot: This fast and simple extension lets you capture the whole web page. You can save wen page in PNG/JPG format. Annotate the screen shot with lines, arrows, add text and crop too. You can print images directly from the extension, pick color and more.

Picnik: Picnik is a award winning photo editing web application, This extension lets you to use PicNik editor. Picnik lets you edit the images In a web page. With a click you can create a snapshot of your current web page and open it in Picknik for easy editing.

Go to chrome://extensions/ on your chrome browser to check, the extensions you are installed in Chrome. You can check more at Google Chrome Extensions.

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