The Future of HP lies in PC and Phone Business

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 26, 2011

HP-logoHewlett-Packard [HP] is the number one PC maker in the world. But HP is thinking to sell of its PC business. As Windows Mobile dead, HP decided to buy Palm and bets its future on Web OS and made smart phones and TouchPad tablet, and both are failed and HP killed Web OS. HP replaced its CEO, Leo Apotheker  by former eBay Inc Chief Executive Meg Whitman as its President and CEO. HP failed with Web OS and thinking to sell low margin PC business and want to bet their bread and butter with Server Business.

Under this situation of the company, What Meg Whitman, the new CEO can do? Do HP really need to sell their PC business and forget about mobile phone business?

Apart from failing in Palm acquisition, HP’s PC business is good and they are number one. Remember when Apple felled and now became the worlds biggest technology company with revenues more than US Government treasury. Yes, Apple achieved everything with just by consumer business in front, PC (Mac & iPad) and Mobile (iPhone). HP was good in Windows Mobile business. Windows Mobile OS is dead and now Web OS is dead. That doesn’t mean HP to stop their business. Look at Apple, Steve Jobs made it, Think about Enterprise and don’t forget Consumers, Consumer market is much more bigger than Enterprise market.

Meg Whitman’s job is not that difficult than Steve Jobs at that time. HP is still a big company with good server and PC market. We heard HP is thinking to make Windows 8 tablets. That’s good, HP has chances. HP has to continue its PC business and forget about Web OS (It isn’t bad, but failed to evolve as an ecosystem)  and start working on Windows 8 tablets. Windows 8 has potential and will be much enterprise friendly as well as consumer focused unlike present dominant ecosystems. HP is very good in enterprise business, and they have huge chances with Windows 8.

And what about mobile phones?  HP was one of the biggest manufacturer of Windows Mobile powered smart phones. Microsoft killed Windows Mobile OS and made a strong comeback with Windows Phone OS. Windows Phone is proved a solid competitor to iOS and Android. HP doesn’t need to scare about making Windows Phones. The Windows Phone ecosystem is evolving, Its need time in this competitive smart phone world. HP can hopefully bet their mobile phone business on Windows Phone OS.

As a world’s biggest PC manufacturer HP is very close to Microsoft. They will definitely help HP to start over with Windows Phone and Windows 8. I still see some of HP Windows Mobile phones, out there. You bet on Windows Phone OS, we are with you. I am hoping that along with Windows 8 tablet, HP should be working on Windows Phone as well.

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