Does Microsoft Really Announcing its own Tablet?

by HEMANTH KUMAR on June 18, 2012


Today Microsoft is having a press conference in Los Angeles for a major announcement. No one knows what is it about, but predictions are roaming in Internet that Microsoft will announce its own tablet to directly compete with iPad, and some people are saying that MS will announce a tablet to not compete with iPad but with Kindle Fire and upcoming Google nexus tablet. Some sources are saying that MS will announce a tablet/e-reader like Amazon’s Kindle Fire with help from Barnes & Nobel with Xbox Live Streaming, and this will be an entertainment and content consumption device. Or MS may show more details on Windows RT (Windows 8 for ARM), Office 15 on Windows 8? Majority of people are predicting that MS will announce their home grown tablet at todays major press conference. After Apple didn’t got much attention with its recently happened WWDC 2012, and day after tomorrow MS is going to show Windows Phone 8 to the world, Today’s event got much attention.

We have seen a lot of form factors Windows 8 hybrids, tablets in Computex 2012. Actually Microsoft is the first to tablet much before Apple, In fact Steve Jobs got the idea of tablet from Bill Gates, But Microsoft failed to bring the tablet concept and its much promised courier to the market and as usual Steve did it right with iPad. Now the its different Microsoft’s strategy is changed, MS is aggressive and bringing innovations to entire eco-system like never before.

What will Microsoft is going to announce today? The possibilities are

1. Zune player may be not a big hit, but XBOX is a major success and MS knows the hardware very well, there is a chance for own designed and developed tablet to directly compete with its rival Apple iPad, Android is still struggling to find the way into tablets segment.

2. After the strategic partnership with Barnes & Nobel by investing $300 million, there is know news yet on the future plans, There will be a chance of announcing tablet/e-reader like Nook, Kindle Fire on top of MS Xbox live streaming and other services.

3. Even though Windows 8 is available in Developer Preview, Consumer Preview and recent Release Preview, MS doesn’t revealed much about Windows RT, Windows 8 for ARM version. Along with Office 15 for tablets, MS may show more details about Windows RT.

We have to wait up to 3:30 PM local time Los Angeles today to know what “BIG” really Microsoft is going to announce, come back to Technified, we will write about it.

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