Microsoft Surface Tablet Touch Cover is Brilliant

by HEMANTH KUMAR on June 19, 2012


Along with the Surface Tablet’s Microsoft announced Touch Cover and Type Cover for Surface Tablets. Apple iPad has a smart cover that protects and stand, Microsoft Surface Tablet Touch Cover is not just a protective cover, it actually a touch keyboard for your tablet including track pad and buttons. The big deal is, the way it works is brilliant.


Microsoft’s Touch Cover is 3mm thick and available in Orange, Magenta, Cyan and Grey. The Touch Cover comes with magnets and easily attach to the Surface tablet and will recognise when connected. You can rest your hand on it, the keys wont be stroked until appropriate press is used on each key, The Touch Cover is a pressure sensitive cover and comes with an accelerometer that measure the force of each finger. Microsoft claimed typing is twice as efficient here as opposed to glass, and that the keyboard samples 10x faster than any actual keyboard. When the Touch cover is folded behind the tablet, The Surface Tablet will recognise and the keyboard will be switched off.

The other one, Microsoft’s Type Cover, a tactile keyboard with touchpad that connects and works similarly to Touch Cover.

Microsoft is now correctly using its years of experience to innovate and give best to users. Hope we will see more innovations from Microsoft.

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