Mobile Phone Operating Systems to watch in 2013

by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 1, 2013

mobile-phone-os-2013There are tremendous improvements happened in mobile phone industry in recent years. User has wide range of options to choose from for his or her next smart phone device. At present Google’s Android leading in terms of market share, Apple’s iOS dominating with highest profits, Microsoft’s Windows Phone is slowly gaining momentum and BlackBerry continuously declining. Do you think here is more space for new Mobile Operating Systems in the market? Yes, Of course, if the new comer is better than the existing one’s it has a chance to sustain. Let’s see the new mobile phone operating systems that are looking to rise in 2013.

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10

RIM’s BlackBerry OS was very popular in corporate space, but now its decaling in market share very rapidly. We all know that BlackBerry phone’s are very popular for it better keyboard’s. But with the advancements in technology brings touch screen’s to the front in mobile industry. BlackBerry faced tough competition with Apple iOS on iPhone and Google’s Android  and failed to sustain. To save the company existence RIM decided to develop a completely new operating system that suit for modern social friendly use and developing BlackBerry 10 OS. RIM actually developing BlackBerry 10 on QNX platform.

RIM is bit late to realize the situation, But once the king of smartphone’s Microsoft scrapped Windows Mobile and developed a new Windows Phone OS with live tiles in front. BlackBerry will face tough competition from Windows Phone OS as both are going to fight for the 3rd place in the market share.



Tizen operating system is a Linux based OS which is developed by Linux Foundation, Samsung, Intel and Tizen Community. This operating system is targeted for multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, In-Vehicle devices and more. Tizen is a open source operating system like Android. Samsung is planning to launch a smartphone powered by Tizen in first half of 2013, But we need to wait and see the success of this OS. Earlier Nokia and Intel teamed MeeGo operating system got failed, as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said Its not developing the new operating system is difficult but the eco-system around it. Samsung already stopped its home grown Bada OS. The future of Tizen will be decided in 2013.

Sailfish OS


Sailfish OS is a Linux based mobile operating system developed by Jolla, the team of ex-employees of Nokia. Sailfish OS is based on MeeGo and Mer. Jolla planning to licence the operating system to OEMs similar to Android. The advantage of Sailfish OS is that the built in Alien Dalvik layer which enables Android apps compatible in Sailfish OS. Jolla is confident in Sailfish multi-tasking user interface that differentiate from Android and iOS.

Firefox OS


Firefox OS [Boot to Gecko or B2G] is a open source operating system for smartphones and tablets. The OS is developed by Mozilla which develops Firefox web browser. Firefox OS featured with HTML5 applications that take direct integration with device hardware. The OS is almost compatible in most of the Android compatible devices. Mozilla has already secured some partners to launch the OS in USA.

While Android and iOS fighting head to head for top spot market share, Windows Phone is slowly increasing, its difficult for new players to build new eco-systems to get succeed. BlackBerry 10 is the last chance for RIM to sustain in the market, If it fails then BlackBerry will be out of market. Its better for user to have a number of options to choose its new mobile phone operating system but they will survive if they are better than the existing platforms.

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