Nokia Lumia 1020 Review Roundup

by HEMANTH KUMAR on July 24, 2013


Nokia Lumia 1020 the star of the photography will be available from this Friday from AT&T in US. The famous Tech Blogs got the review units and posted them today on their blogs.  This phone got many positive reviews and as usual negativity about Windows Phone and its eco system. Lets see what’s the tech blogging world thinking about the Ace King of the Mobile Phone Camera’s.





We’ve been waiting a long time for the 808 PureView to get a Windows Phone counterpart with the same (if not better) imaging prowess. Finally, it’s here. Now that we’ve had the opportunity to use the device, we can confidently say that the Lumia 1020 is the best Windows Phone device to date. If you’re a WP8 user who enjoys crafting the best possible photographs, you need to make the jump, even if you are paying a premium for the camera.



On both image quality and functionality, the Lumia 1020 has the best camera that’s ever been put in a smartphone. Hands Down. And it’s also a very capable phone; it’s fast, and its display is every bit as crisp and wonderful as the 928. And all of that in a package compact enough that it’s not just some throwaway concept—this is a real product for real people. For the first time ever, mankind has made a phone that’s really two things at once without being a monstrosity.

The Verge

After a long period of resetting with Windows Phone, Nokia’s getting good, and fast. The 1020 is one of its best devices yet, and certainly the easiest to sell — if you really love cameras, you’ll really love the Lumia 1020. But a great camera wasn’t enough to sustain the 808 PureView, and even though Windows Phone 8 is a huge leap forward from Symbian it’s still a long way behind. There are plenty of compelling Windows Phone 8 options, from the gorgeous 925 to the feature-packed 1020, but they can’t change the fact that Windows Phone 8 itself just isn’t that compelling.

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