What Nokia has to do before releasing Lumia 610 in India

by HEMANTH KUMAR on April 29, 2012

nokia-lumia-610Who is world’s No.1 handset manufacturer? Nokia. No. Its Samsung. Nokia lost the place, Why? This is the age of smartphones, Nokia failed in both high end and low end area of smartphones. After stepping into Windows Phone, its still not producing number of models as per the demand. While Samsung adopted Android and busy in flooding the market with new models every month. Yes, Nokia is catching up with Lumia devices powered by Windows Phone, but it should be quicker than what its currently doing. Lumia 610 is the first in low end Windows Phone to answer those low end Android models say like Samsung Galaxy Y. India is a loyal market for Nokia, its past. At present people are moving past, they are expecting more choices, features, quality and worth the price. We Indian’s still trust you, Nokia. We are seeing “Blown by Nokia Lumia” campaigns around India, but that is not enough.

Before bringing the low end Lumia 610 like devices, Nokia has to train some sales staff in Nokia priority outlets and also in some other mobile retailers. Sales representatives are not having much knowledge on Windows Phone to explain and attract customers in Nokia priority. In some mobile retail chains sales staff are trying to push Android devices, They are saying Windows Phone does not have Bluetooth file transfer, its is costly, no good camera, no apps, cannot use it as pen drive to load music and you have to use software for that, etcetera etcetera.

Yes iPhone is still a high end smartphone. Android phones are as usual (most Android phones sold are low end smartphones), But to compete at low range smartphones as a special partner to Microsoft, Nokia can modify the OS as per their needs. With Windows Phone Tango, Windows Phone is expected to enter low end smartphones. It should have all the features that the Android phones have to give competition. If Nokia launch the low end Windows Phone’s with plenty of varieties with all the features the other phones are offering with competitive price, Nokia will be come king again in India.

Nokia is a trusted brand in India than any other phone OEM’s, Nokia was entered late in the new mobile phone game, but it made the correct choice by choosing Windows Phone. Its in transition phase and slowly gaining momentum, all it has to do is release as many handset models as quickly as possible. Nokia should not forgot about dumb phones, In India local manufacturers are giving tough competition with Chinese mobile phones. Nokia has to lot of work in all segments as soon as possible.

We wish Nokia all the best, we believe Nokia will rise again.

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