Qwiki gives Search Results with Images and Audio as an Interactive Multimedia Clips

by HEMANTH KUMAR on December 2, 2010


Qwiki, a new player in web search that’s gives your results as an interactive multimedia clips contains images and audio about the search term. Qwiki aims to change the way of information consumption. For example if you search for TajMahal on Qwiki, it shows a photo slide show starting with showing it on Google maps and start to tell you about TajMahal by reading data from Wikipedia and other sources, as just a human being is narrating to you.  Its not just a Search with voice, Qwiki is a wonderful platform, that creates incredible timeline about your search in real time.

Yes, if you search for a person it will gather information and photos about him and make slideshow. While Qwiki is narrating the slides, the information is impressively synced with the current photo on the slide. Qwiki tells you what you need to know about what you searched for, along with key things about the search. Rumors are going on that Microsoft will buy Qwiki to integrate with Bing as Qwiki and Bing are quite similar.

See the following video to experience the information in Qwiki way.

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