Setup Google Apps for your Blog or Website For Free [Guide]

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 1, 2010

google_apps_logoWhen you host a domain, you will get email accounts too. Generally you access your blog or website email accounts on web or email tools like Outlook. Your website hosting provider will give you mail access on web (for example, using SquirrelMail like webmail services. This is good, but these web mail services are not so secured, efficient and not easy to organize. We are aware of Gmail, It’s a free webmail service from Google, efficient, useful, secured, good mobile interface, useful Gmail labs features and many more.

Its good if you have all these Gmail features on your webmail for your blog or website. You are lucky, Google is providing Gmail, Gtalk, Google Docs, Calendar and other Google features to your domain through Google Apps and its free for you.  Go through the step by step guide to Google Apps setup to your own website.

Note: Before going through the steps make sure that you are the administrator of the website you are setting up Google Apps.

Step1: Go to Google Apps page, you will see the page as shown in the image below.


Select Administrator: I Own or Control this domain. Then enter the domain name for which you are setting up Google Apps and clock on Get Started.

Step2: In this steps you have to provide web sites administrator information. Provide all required information and click continue

Step3: Give your administrator account username and password then click on I accept, Continue with set up >> button. You will navigate to Google Apps account for your website.


Step4: Google Apps account for your website is created, you need to Activate Google Apps, before using it. Google send you an email regarding Google Apps setup to your email id provided in Step2. In the email Google ask you to create admin account if you are not created yet, as you created admin account in step3, you no need to do it again.

In email sent to you, Google asks you to Verify domain ownership. You can verify by either uploading an HTML file or creating a special CNAME record. Verifying ownership does not cause any change to your existing services.

Create a HTML file with name googlehostedservice.html by inserting the verification code given by Google Apps and upload it to your domain root directory. Now click on the button Activate Google Apps which is placed at top in your Google apps administrative dashboard. Within minutes Google will verify your owner ship.

Step5: Now you have to change MX records (Mail Exchange Records) for the domain in your DNS settings. Go to<enter Domain Name Here with .com, .net etc.>/SetupMXInstructions to get information on how to change MX settings.

Once you have done all these settings, you can access your mail in Google Apps. You just created Google Apps for your domain. Go to Google Apps Guide for more information.

Update: Google Apps is not Free for your Business .

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