Twitter Blackbird Pie Brings Tweets to Blog Posts

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 9, 2010


Whenever we want to show a tweet in our blog posts or content on website, we used to take a screen shot of the tweet and insert the image in to the post. Its an image, it doesn’t contain hyper-links in it. If the viewer want to follow or check out the link specified in that tweet, user needs to type it on browser. Some times you can not get a full url by seeing the image, see the image below. otherwise you need to give a link to the tweet. To over come this Twitter introduced Blackbird Pie, It brings life to tweets in your posts.

Blackbird pie makes static HTML tweets, which holds the hyper-links as it is in the tweet. Just copy and paste the tweet status url in to Blackbird pie and click on bake it. Along with the preview you will get the code for static HTML tweet. Copy the code and paste in your blog post as you are inserting YouTube videos in to blog posts. Now your blog post has a beautiful tweet on it.


Blackbird Pie shows the tweet In the above image as

Ice-Cream is the name of next Android version via @itechnifiedless than a minute ago via Tweet Button

It contains links, background image, display image, everything what you see in twitter here.

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