Top Twitter User’s are Musicians and Actors

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 18, 2010


Top Twitter User’s are not popular tech guys, nor famous Internet faces but the entertainers. At present 11 of 15 top twitter users are Musicians and Actors.  @ladygaga and @britneyspears are the only twitter users followed by 6+ million twitter users, and they spotted at first and second place. U.S. President @BarackObama is at 5th place.

Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) is at 3rd place, @justinbieber is at 4th place. These rankings are based on how many users they are followed by. Singers have most followers on twitter, Music is rocking the twitter. I am sure that, If Michael Jackson is live and has a twitter account, by default he is the No. 1 in twitter, MJ we miss you. To check more about top twitter users go to Bing’s Visual Search.

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