Ubuntu for Phones – Does It have a Chance to Stand?

by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 4, 2013


The Ubuntu, One of the famous Linux Operating System for PC is heading to Phones. As per Ubuntu, Its a superphone that’s also a full PC. The OS features swipe-based user interface that we are familiar in Windows 8, MeeGo and even in BlackBerry 10. Ubuntu phone OS treats both native and web apps equally. You can create beautiful HTML5 light weight web apps easily. With customer liked customization features heavily borrowed from other platforms and other powerful features, with full PC capability, Does Ubuntu Phone OS really have a chance to stand in the market in this heavy competition?

The first thing why Ubuntu following Desktop/Mobile strategy for mobile phone OS? An average consumer wants a mobile phone to be worked like a mobile phone, only few power users what full PC powered phones. With this Desktop/Mobile strategy Ubuntu phone OS also stays limited as Ubuntu desktop OS, even less than that.

Its good to see both web apps (HTML5) and native apps treated equally and web apps can directly integrate with hardware. But there is lot of security issues to be addressed for web apps integration, that we have no information yet.

Unlike in some other upcoming Smartphone OS in 2013, Ubuntu Phone OS doesn’t run Android apps. It means very limited apps available, driving developer attention and building eco-system is not easy, and that’s a big issue for a platform success.

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People one’s used Linux as a fanboys are moving to other platforms, Linux community at present is not what we know earlier. If any product want to get success, it has to design and build for average consumer, But Ubuntu Phone OS seems confusing for average user. We have to see how Ubuntu Phone OS will play in the market by end of 2013.

Ubuntu for Phones – Industry Proposition by Mark Shuttleworh, Ubuntu Founder

Ubuntu for Phones – Trailer

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