Do We Need Another Web Browser, Why RockMelt?

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 24, 2010


We have Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Other web browsers. Do we need another web browser? What is RockMelt and Why we need it?

RockMelt is a new web browser based on Chromium – The open source project used to build Google Chrome. So as a web browser its Chrome, Of course as fast as Chrome. The difference is it’s a Chrome like browser with wonderful extensions for Facebook, Twitter and more. RockMelt is built around social network, it’s a social media web browser.


RockMelt lives in Cloud, So your browser experience, your settings, bookmarks, etc., are all backed up online. You can access them any where on RockMelt by logging in with Facebook. RockMelt is rich in user environment. The left side of the browser shows Facebook contacts, there you are able to quickly initiate Facebook chats with them or post content to their Facebook walls. You can also easily send them e-mails through the seamless contact popout. You can check status messages, send messages, chat from any tab in RockMelt. And at right side of the browser Twitter, Bookmarks and others placed. Bookmarks will be cached on cloud whenever you logged in updates are ready for you.

RockMelt is released in beta version and available through invitations. If any body want invitation send a message to me on technified facebook page Or you can apply for invitation on RockMelt.

It will give you an interesting browsing experience. And what it means to Facebook? If you are using RockMelt, To check Facebook updates you won’t go to as you can check everything inside RockMelt. So, Facebook loose page views, It means it loose Ad revenue. I don’t know how much it will affect Facebook, let’s see what RockMelt is going to do.

The theme of RockMelt is “Today, the browser connects you to your world. Why not build your world right into your browser?”.

Update: RockMelt rolls out its first update.

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