The State of Wikipedia [Infographic and Video]

by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 18, 2011


Wikipedia celebrated its tenth birthday, just three days back on 15th. No doubt, Wikipedia is the best, free, web based encyclopedia, Like you, and many million people, Am also a great fan of Wikipedia. On its successful completion of a decade, a video and infographic is made to show, what Wikipedia did for us by us. Check out this beautiful Infographic and Video, You will be amazed, for sure.




Wikipedia stands at 17 million articles in over 270 languages and around 3.5 million articles in English. It is viewed by more than 400 million people each month. The video is made by JESSE3, a creative data visualization agency and it is narrated by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia co-founder. you can read more about the state of Wikipedia here.

I know you are a great fan of Wikipedia, and you know Wikipedia is free and non-profit foundation. To continue successfully providing free service to you, us and for all, it require your support. Please donate to Wikipedia, your single dollar donation will keep Wikipedia strong and ad-free.

You can use MediaWiki, a free software from WikiMedia foundation to crate your own Wiki.

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