Microsoft Launching Windows 8 Beta, Windows Store in February

by HEMANTH KUMAR on December 8, 2011

Microsoft is planning to preview its Windows 8 Beta and Windows Store in February. Microsoft released Windows 8 Developer Preview and it recorded 3 Million downloads as of now and got positive feedback from the developers. Based on the feedback on Windows 8 Developer Preview, Microsoft improving the upcoming OS and set to release public beta in February 2012 along with Windows Store.

In Windows 8 Beta, users can change the Start screen colour and start screen background image. And able to resize the display of icons in start screen which are not having tiles. Windows Media Center will be there in Beta.  And users will be blessed with many other improvements to enjoy Windows 8 Beta in Desktop, Laptop and in Tablet.

Windows 8 has Windows Store and powers Apps. Microsoft previewed its Windows Store model and announced policies and business terms of the Windows Store. Microsoft promised the developers to have a revenue  share model 70/30. It means 70 per cent to Developers. And if the App makes $25,000 then after that revenue share model will be 80/20. 80 per cent to developers. Its a wonderful opportunity for developers to reach huge ecosystem with millions of people to grow them selves millionaires.

Microsoft is invited developers to submit Metro Style applications for inclusion in the Windows Store for Windows 8 Beta. They are conducting First App Contest to encourage developers to have their apps as one of the first apps in Windows Store.

Watch Windows Store Preview

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