What to Expect from Windows Phone 8

by HEMANTH KUMAR on June 20, 2012


Today Microsoft is holding a summit on the future of Windows Phone. We all new that the next version is Windows Phone 8 and due for the fall. Right now every Windows Phone lovers has lot of questions like current devices will upgrade to WP8, Whether WP8 will support dual core processors, retina displays and lot more. As Microsoft said its a sneak peek, We are not sure how much detail we are going to get on today’s event. But there rumors and predictions, many are confirmed by trustful sources. Let’s see what we are going to get with Windows Phone 8, Probably.

Windows Phone 8 – Expected Features

Multi-Core Processor Support
Windows NT Kernel
NFC Payments (WP Wallet)
Skype Integration
SkyDrive Music Steaming
High Screen Resolutions
IE 10 Browser
Camera Lens for OEMs
RCS VOIP Integration
Removable Storage
MicroSD Card Support
Live Tile Folders
Kinect Support
1080p Video recording
Improved TellMe voice commands
Improved Maps with Navigation (Nokia Maps)
Xbox Music
Cloud Integration with SkyDrive
Data Monitoring Systems
Improved Graphics
Xbox Video
Zune Successor
UI Tweaks
Higher in-built storage
More OEMs to Build WP

Did I missed anything, Please mention in the comments below.

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