Google Assistant, A Conversational Personal AI Helper

by HEMANTH KUMAR on May 19, 2016

Google AssistantIts the evolution time of Artificial Intelligence Bots. From Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Now, the momentum is continuing and getting better day by day to help us. In a big leap forward Google announced Google Assistant, a conversational personal AI assistant at their annual developer conference Google I/O 2016.

Lets dive in to see what’s this amazing bot can do for you.

The Google Assistant

In the words of Sundhar Pichai, CEO of Google, The Google Assistant wants to be “Hi, how can I help?” kind of conversational personal assistant. They are positioning the Google Assistant to be as natural as possible in conversations with you. The OK Google features like asking questions are evolved to next level to provide more assistance to users with two way dialogues. Google thinks the assistant is like building a personal Google for every user.

Here is an example on how to engage a conversation with Google Assistant to book a movie ticket as demoed by Sundhar. He asked the assistant “What’s playing to night?” and it gave some of the movies playing in near by cinemas. Then he said, “We want to bring the kids this time”.  The assistant gave some family friendly options and also asked “Would you like 4 tickets to any of these?”. Sundhar said, “Sure, lets do Junglebook”. The Assistant booked the tickets. See this conversation in the image gallery below or in the video to know how it works.

This feature is built into the android system like OK Google. This is one of the most excited feature in the upcoming Android N, as well as fun and enjoyable to use.


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