Worlds Biggest Cinema Screen played movie form Nokia N8 in high-definition

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 30, 2010

Nokia_Large_Cinema_Night Nokia played a movie on worlds biggest cinema screen with Nokia N8 through its mini HDMI port in high-definition. What Nokia is trying to say is Nokia N8 is enough to play a stunning high-definition movie on 1,428 square meters (51 meters x 28 meters) cinema screen. N8 is connected to four XLM HD30 projectors to project Prince of Persia movie on it.

Nokia-N8 This sets a new world record, earlier record was used screen size of 1,338 square meters. Recently Nokia N8 broke by making the worlds smallest stop motion animation, named Dot. So, Nokia N8 is enough to watch movies on your hand in stunning high-definition, That’s why Nokia claimed it as “the home cinema in your pocket”. Check here for the Nokia N8 price, specs and images.

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