Android on the way, Passes iPhone in U.S.

by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 7, 2011

androidThe power of free software, open source started showing its real power. The Linux kernel based mobile operating system, Android crossed iPhone in total number of U.S. smartphone subscribers for the first time in November, 2010 according to comScore.

Google is definitely happy with the report, a great start to them. As Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman and CEO said 95 percent of Google income is from search, They just want to concentrate on search and let other things free. I am sure that free is the first point of success of Android. We are getting an Android powered smartphone for less than 100 USD in India, Thanks to Google.

Coming to the stats in U.S. mobile market for the month of November 2010 Google’s  Android holds 26 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers with 6.4 percent increase from August 2010. Where Apple iPhone is at 25 percent with 0.8 percent increase, while RIM’s Blackberry is still on top with 33.5 percent, but lost 4.1 percent. Look at the following table.


Recently released Google Nexus S is a big hit, and Samsung is going to launch the first true Android competitor to iPod Touch with Samsung Galaxy Player. Go forward Google.

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