Gmail: Desktop notifications for email and chat messages

by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 29, 2011


Most of us won’t configure Gmail in Outlook or Thunderbird like email clients, Gmail interface is good, we no need to go for desktop email clients, but there are some limitations like you will get new mail or new chat message notifications only when you are in browser, if you minimize the browser you cannot see the notifications like Outlook’s desktop notification. Now you are able to get desktop notifications, Google launched HTML5 desktop notifications which displays pop-ups whenever a chat message or new email arrives. Read further to know how to enable these desktop notifications for you.

These notifications are very useful to know new mail arrivals or chat messages even if you minimized the browser. To turn on this notifications just go to settings on your Gmail and go to the section “Desktop Notifications” section and choose your preferences for chat and email notifications as shown in the image below. You can just only enable notifications for chat messages or for email or for both. Then you will see a pop-up notification on your desktop as in the image above.


You can even enable notifications only for important mails if you are using Priority Inbox.


Once you choose options for notifications you must allow to show desktop notifications by clicking on Allow button on the top of tour chrome browser tab.( see below image)


As of now these notifications will work only in Google Chrome browser, it means if you open your Gmail in Google Chrome browser, may soon come to other browsers.

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