Automated: The world of Driverless Cars

by HEMANTH KUMAR on October 19, 2010

autonomous-car Driverless cars, a dream for us. The automobile companies like General Motors, Audi, Volkswagen and others are doing experiments to bring autonomous cars. Recently Google announced, They successfully tested and their self-driving car logged 140,000 miles safely. Think about Autonomous taxi, that will pick up and drop you where you want and no driver, wonderful right. So, check out How Autonomous Cars work? And iPad called Autonomous Taxi?

Actually the history of driverless cars started in 1977, As Google announced about their project, The autonomous cars came top on the news. Google modified Toyota Prius for testing their automated technology. Autonomous cars uses array of sensors to navigate on roads. The sensors include LIDAR – Generates 3D map of car surroundings,  Position Estimator – Helps accurately locating the car position on map, Video Camera – Its just like our eyes for the automated system to check the traffic, pedestrians etc, RADAR – helps to determine the positions of distant objects. 


image source: nytimes

So how Google is going to make money from this autonomous car project? Interesting, But Google has no specific plans as of now on how to make business, they just want to eliminate human errors while driving, so that it can reduce deaths because of accidents by at least 50%.

The Autonomous Labs showed a demo on how to call an autonomous taxi using iPad. This is amazing and interesting, expect it will come to reality soon.

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