Google Handwrite: Adds little fun to your search

by HEMANTH KUMAR on July 31, 2012

We search Internet on our mobile devices by typing, using voice and using images too with the help of Google Goggles, Bing Visual Search etc. Google trying to make search experience more convenient by adding one more additional feature, Google Handwrite. Just like writing on a paper with pen, Write with your finger on your mobile or tablet touch screen on Google web search to get results. It may not be so continent on mobile phone small screens, but fun to use, sometimes.

To enable Google Handwrite, go to in your mobile phone browser and enable Handwrite from settings as shown in the image below.


Once the feature is enabled, just write on the touch screen with your finger as shown in the image below.


We may not use this feature frequently, but its fun to use, at least for tome time.

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