– Google URL Shortener also makes URL into a QR code

by HEMANTH KUMAR on October 1, 2010

google-url-shortner Google URL Shortener, is now opened for public. There are many shortener services out there with great features, so what’s special about, Why we need it? The answer in Google words  “ is the stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web”.  The awesome feature of is generating QR code for a link, Interesting right? check the full details.

Open and enter the URL you want to shorten and hit enter, your short URL is ready. For example, for gives google-url-shortner

Google said they don’t want to over load more features on, But if they provide at least “Copy” button, it will be very good and Google, its little bit difficult for us to drag mouse and copy the shortened url.

If you are logged in to your Google account, you can track the clicks, traffic sources, countries, browsers, platforms and many more as shown in the image below.


And here is the awesome feature of, QR code generation for url.  Just add .qr at the end of shortened url and hit the browser. It gives QR code for the url, the code will give the url for QR readers.

For example, for the QR code generated is shown in the image below.


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