How We Searched on Google in 2010?

by HEMANTH KUMAR on December 12, 2010


Google releases Zeitgeist 2010, which shows how the world searched on Google in 2010. Google released this data visualizations on HTML5. The list includes Fastest Rising, Fastest Falling searches in 2010 on Google and many more interesting points.

Here is the Fastest Rising Searches in 2010.

  1. chatroulette
  2. ipad
  3. justin bieber
  4. nicki minaj
  5. friv
  6. myxer
  7. katy perry
  8. twitter
  9. gamezer
  10. facebook

And here is the Fastest Falling Searches in 2010.

  1. swine flu
  2. wamu
  3. new moon
  4. mininova
  5. susan boyle
  6. slumdog millionaire
  7. circuit city
  8. myspace layouts
  9. michael jackson
  10. national city bank

And you can check more searches on Google Zeitgeist 2010.

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