Enable Speech-Input in websites with Speechify Chrome Plugin

by HEMANTH KUMAR on March 24, 2011


If you are using iPhone or Android phone, you already know about voice actions. It record your voice and transcribe it to text or action. This is very useful feature. Google enabled Speech-to-text HTML5 feature in Chrome 11 beta version for testing. Dugley Labs made Google Chrome extension Speechify to brings Speech-to-text capabilities to any website that opens on Chrome 11 beta.




Open Speechify on Google Chrome 11 beta and install it. Once it is installed and enabled, you can see a small microphone icon in input fields of any website as shown in the images. Just click on that microphone icon and speak on the microphone connected to your computer. It will convert your speech to text and display in that text box. Internet connection is required to transcribe your voice to text by sending your recorded voice to servers.

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