How to choose Best Data Plan for You?

by HEMANTH KUMAR on January 3, 2013

best data planNow a days we are spending more time online and even we want Internet access on the move. We have mobile data providers but unfortunately mobile data plans are available at high prices. You
may be read from the brochure of mobile operators like economic plan, high speed plan, high usage plan and other. But which is best data plan for you?

Choosing Best Data Plan

First question you have to rise is why you are going for mobile Internet plan? And what is your usage?

Remember one thing you have to choose your plan based on your usage and your budget. Mobile data plans will differ from country to country, even with in the states of the country. So, you have to decide which data plan is right for you as per the data packages available in your region by following the guidelines below.

If you do only social media activity like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Plus etc and checking emails, a regular economic mobile data plan like 2GB/month GPRS/EDGE plans are enough for you. You no need 3G/4G/LTE connection for your requirement, Don’t waste money, trust me you can fulfil your requirement with GPRS connection. If you get 3G/4G connection for cheap then you can go for it.

If you are a lover of watching videos in YouTube, Vimeo etc, and interested in watching live streams, live tv channels on your mobile device, you need high speed heavy mobile data pack. You have to spend more money to have 3G/4G/LTE connectivity with high data cap or unlimited data usage.

If you are not able to decide how you are going to use, take any mobile data plan and use mobile data monitoring apps to see how you are using data on your mobile device. Based on that you can choose which is best plan for you.

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Data costs depends on which type of connection you are using like prepaid or postpaid or contract based connection. Check different mobile phone operator’s data plan’s and compare and select best one that suit you. Consider signal strength, service and customer care ratings before choosing any mobile operator in your area.


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