Indian Rupee Symbol is added to Unicode Standards

by HEMANTH KUMAR on October 13, 2010

Indian-Rupee-Symbol Indian Rupee Symbol is now added to Unicode Standards. Unicode Consortium added Indian Rupee Symbol in latest version of Unicode Standard – Unicode 6.0.0 along with 2088 new characters. Very soon you can get a keyboard with Rupee Symbol on it just like $ and €. The assigned Indian Rupee sign Unicode character is U+20B9.

It take a while for us to type rupee symbol as major font families are not yet upgraded to support Unicode 6.0.0. Once font families are upgraded you can use HTML code ₹ to display Rupee symbol on your web pages or press alt key followed by 20B9 to get in word processors.

As of now you can download Foradian font to use Rupee symbol.

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