Bing is very bad on indexing new web sites, Yahoo is Better and Google is the King

by HEMANTH KUMAR on September 29, 2010

web-search Microsoft’s search engine Bing is really slow in indexing new web sites. Yahoo search is some what better. And Google is really good in indexing new web sites, may be best indexing is one of the factor kept Google as King in search. Look at the following screen shots, how Google, Yahoo and Bing indexed my two days old baby blog.

Google gives four links for my baby blog containing 6 posts.


Yahoo India search indexed my blog, but still showing Coming soon.. page text, But is not showing any results of blog. I don’t know whether Yahoo is maintain separate servers for countries.


And finally Bing gives no results, I checked up to 10 pages, there is no link. Probably Bing need to be improved much more in indexing.


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