Google’s New 404 Error Pages, That’s An Error

by HEMANTH KUMAR on March 3, 2011


Google changed its 404 error pages, now 404 error on Google serves generic 404 error page that has a fail robot that’s says “404. That’s an error. That’s all we know.” For example if you type, the fail robot says “ 404. That’s an error. The requwsted URL/bing was not found  on this server. That’s all we know.” The design is beautiful but not handy as previous 404 error pages.

Previous Google 404 error page suggest you to correct service by saying Page Not Found and shows similar addresses, for example if you type it will point you to Google blog search engine. Eve nit will have a search box. But the new 404 page missed these handy features. It just shows as shown in the image above.

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