Tall Tweets – When you need more than 140 characters

by HEMANTH KUMAR on November 3, 2010

tall-tweetsSome times you need more than 140 characters to share but Twitter gives only 140 characters to you to share per tweet. TwitLonger and Twishort services lets you share long message by breaking into short tweets, but we need to exit Twitter clients and launch external web browser to read the full tweet. Here is a simple web app, Tall Tweets – lets your followers read long tweet in Twitter timeline it self as a small 140 character tweets and no need to go to external browser to read.

Tall Tweets converts your long tweet into small tweets, at the end of every tweet it will add tweet number like (1/3) and posts in single shot. So all sliced tweets will be in order.See the graphic below. The long tweet contains approximately 363 characters. Its equal to 3 tweets. Tall Tweets sliced it to 3 tweets and tweeted in a single shot. 


Image by Digital Inspiration

The app uses OAuth, so you no need to share your login details any where. The hyperlinks in your tweets will shortened by Bit.ly. Oh Twitter even after introducing t.co, bit.ly is still king in URL shortening, Twitter need to give API for t.co like bit.ly.

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