Search Images on Flickr based on Colors

by HEMANTH KUMAR on October 25, 2010

flickr-image-search For beautiful photos and images we search the greatest photo sharing website Flickr. We use to search for different purposes. If you are searching based on colors, Multicolor Search Lab, a web based tool helps you to search images from more than 10 million images from Flickr. This web application is very useful for searching background images for presentations, website designing and many more. You can search images based on one color, two, there and more colors.

One you opened this web application, at right side you can see colors pallet. Just select one color, you can see the images from that color. For two colors, you will get images contains only those two colors. Like this you can search for three, four and up to ten colors. You can remove any color for your search colors. Below images shows how the application works for color selection.

For one color – Ornage


For two colors – Orange, Yellow


For three colors – Orange, Yellow, Green


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